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Naming conventions- characters to avoid in directories and filenames


Even though some special characters are relatively safe to use, one should avoid them as some operating systems or program may allow them while others may not.  Use alphanumeric characters (letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9).

Common illegal characters you should avoid:

# pound

< left angle bracket

$ dollar sign

+ plus sign

% percent

> right angle bracket

! exclamation point

` backtick

& ampersand

* asterisk

‘ single quotes

| pipe

{ left bracket

? question mark

“ double quotes

= equal sign

} right bracket

/ forward slash

: colon


\ back slash

blank spaces

@ at sign



In addition don’t start or end filenames with a space, period, hyphen, or underline and keep filenames as short as possible.

It's worth noting that files containing these characters may upload without issue and may work on some browsers but not all.  The way these files are handled by sites on the internet will also differ, itslearning, for example, generally removes % from the file name as this is used for the wildcard (windows uses * for the wildcard, which you will notice you can't use in a file name for the same reason).

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