Editing Excel docs with DirectEdit

Some users experience problems with DirectEdit and Excel. This is most likely linked to a problem that exists between the IE9 browser and Excel.


A possible workaround to get this to work as long as the user is not dependent upon using IE, is to use Firefox or Chrome instead and install an addon/plugin so you can display the page as an IE-tab.


An IE-display will also be useful for those of you who use other browsers than IE on a daily basis and who normally switch to IE when you are using the DirectEdit function.




To install IE-tab plugin in chrome:



To display the page in an IE-based tab in chrome, click on the icon.



Firefox :


To install IE-tab in Firefox, download e.g. this addon:



Right click on the tab- Choose  "Switch rendering engine",



or in the lower right hand corner of the web browser you'll find an "browser" icon. If you left-click on it it will switch between the rendering engines as well.


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