Managing Courses - Best Practice for Administrators

First ask yourself the following questions:

  • As an administrator how many courses are you a member of?
  • How many of them have you logged into...
    • This month?
    • This Week?
    • Today?
  • The number probably gets smaller so, do you need all those memberships?

In most cases the answer is probably no, but we keep them anyway for convenience, but is it really convenient to have a list of courses in your course tab when the manage courses option gives you more search options and displays all courses (active and archived) regardless of if you're a member?

That's a lot of questions in a support page so onto the recommendations.

We believe administrators can support their site best (and give themselves the best user experience on the site) by removing themselves from most courses (if you have personal courses for demo purposes, etc then keep those).  If you then need to help out a teacher in a course use the manage courses function to find the course and enrol yourself.  You can then use the link it gives you to open the course in a new tab, make the changes you need to and then close the tab, taking you back to the course admin page where you can withdraw from the course again.

Here's a short video showing this in action -

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