Links to tree elements in courses

We have seen a number of requests from  customers wanting to copy links to course activities onto the course dashboard, or to send these links externally.  The process most users follow is to right click and 'copy link location' this isn't correct.

If you right click on, for example, a test you will get a URL as follows:

As you can see this is referencing the test directly with no context.  This can open the test but it won't include the top menu or course tree so you're 'stuck' on the test with closing the tab/browser the only way to get out of it.

If you alternatively create a note and go to Insert > Tree Link and select the same test it gives the following:

<a href="/main.aspx?CourseID=1543&amp;ElementID=6384&amp;ElementType=65536" target="_top">

You can see it's linking to the same element but this link is to the underlying element table rather than the test table and it also gives the context of the course and target.

On most internal elements you can simply copy the source (as above and paste it in for a working link.

For external links and for use on pages and portfolios you need to add the site at the beginning:

<a href=";ElementID=6384&amp;ElementType=65536" target="_top">

Do note that when you add the full path like this the link is no longer relative so the choice between www or the shortname url is for the user to decide based on their usage.

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