Supported web browsers

Itslearning has a goal that the user experience should be the best, no matter which device and operating system they are using, and will work towards this goal. We are building our components and user interfaces to follow this strategy, and build these to work according to established web standards. However, there is a large amount of browsers available, and some of these browsers behave slightly different, have their own characteristics or specific ways of doing things. We will always focus our testing on the most used browsers, and will adapt our testing and quality procedures according to browser usage. Our users will have the best user experience when using the most used browsers, such as safari, newer versions of internet explorer and chrome. If one decides to user other browsers, they may not get the the same great user experience that they would get using other browsers, and we are generally reluctant to spend resources making customization or fixing issues that come from using old browsers that do not follow standards.

Supported browsers and devices are based on input from prodman and traffic statistics.


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