Installing TestModeBrowser (TMB) in a Classroom/Lab scenario

When installing TestModeBrowser (TMB) in a classroom/LAB scenario and on many computers at once via a remote admin software package, make sure that

1) All computers have the same configuration (or are as identical as possible).

2) Make sure that you have the "LAB"-version of TMB - you can obtain it via a request to Itslearning (send a mail to: – the LAB version does not require admin rights on the computer to run.

If you use the "Student" version of TMB – the normal automatic download from Itslearning, you need to have admin rights to install software on the computer, since TMB demand admin rights to run on the computer after installation. It is not recommend using the "Student" version when installing in a Lab/Classroom scenario - only as a single user.

3) Be aware that the TMB is not fail-safe, so testing the installations on each individual computer before using it to do actual tests/exams is a MUST.

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