List of known bugs

ID/LinkDescriptionAreaWork aroundStatus
61599/ITS-21314 Error message "Invalid parameter value" when entering an e-mail address starting with digits or including hyphen.


Yes Released 
57608/ITS-19437 Community courses with Non-English characters in title are shown as numeric character reference (NCR) Community course Yes Released 
59450/ITS-20589 Black background when uploading PNG with transparency to dashboards Rich text content Yes Open - Awaiting investigation
50524/ITS-15884 There is a problem if you upload a PDF-file with many pages and embed it inside Itslearning using "FIle and Link"-tool. File/Link Yes Open - Awaiting investigation
46497/ITS-14329 Calendar - Others' calendar - Use of comma and space in search box Calendar No Fixed - Awaiting Release
59339/ITS-20531 Download assignment "an error occurred during the download" Assignment Yes Open - Investigation started
58657/ITS-20032 Teacher-2 sees follow-up tasks for assignments that teacher-1 has set to passed Notifications Yes  Fixed - Awaiting release
52949/ITS-17282 Messages with emoticons gets truncated Messaging No Released
51828/ITS-16542 Counter for uploaded documents and elements in a folder is incorrect. Folder No Released
62487/ITS-22186  Ooops error when opening project folders  Project folder No/Partly  Released
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