Calendar - Others' calendar - Use of comma and space in search box

Internal ID: 46497/ITS-14329

Affected users: All users

Affected Browsers: iOS / iPAD

Area: Calendar

Symptoms:  If you in the calendar search box type in the word "Quinn", the search list returns a list of users with Quinn as lastname or Quinn as firstname. But, if the user wishes to reduce the result list to just the people with the lastname "Quinn", he might try to type in a comma after "Quinn" to tell the system that it is only "Quinn" as last name he is after, but this will yield an empty result list. The user might also type in a space after the comma, and then type in a search word for the first name.

The search box should handle both comma and space, interpreted in the way that the result list is displayed.

Work Around: No

Development status: Open - Investigation started

Development notes: 

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